History of our Krumlov fairytail

The Krumlov fairytale, a two-floor building with a four-faced front – originally a Gothic building, was rebuilt in the last 16th century. Other minor adjustments in interior layouts and on the street facade were made during Classicism. In 1993, a partial reconstruction took place in the building, during which a rich Renaissance decorative painting was discovered in both the attic (restaurant) and the staircase – sgraffiti and paintings. In the lower hall (at the reception), stucco paintings were discovered in the stucco circles, which were restored in 1994. The sound survey of the facade in 1994 discovered valuable decorative layers on the street and courtyard facades.

The hotel and restaurant can boast significant architectural details – a vaulted arched vault, vaulted rooms, a courtyard adjoined to the original city fortifications, a rich decorative painting of a ground-floor rack hall, sgraffito decoration of the yard, and a fragment of unique bone pavement in the herb hall.

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